About Us

What we do

PK Fire is a key service provider to Commercial & Industrial Fire and Security Services, Defence Sectors, Aviation, Major Industrials, Utilities, Waste Recycling & Bio-Mass Plants, Nuclear and Construction. 

Due to the increasing demand of Building Regulations PK Fire has also formed a Facilities Management Department where we can provide our expertise and services to all major facility businesses for fire and security systems within Educational Sectors, Health Sectors, Government premises and Retail Developments.

We have built up an excellent reputation within this sector across Scotland and the rest of the UK. We have achieved this through being an honest, reliable, and thorough service provider that never lets you down. We have also joined arms with several other specialised and accredited companies partnering our expertise to help provide a central department for all your fire and security needs.

Our Quality Policy

We have the expertise to offer reliable fire safety and security services that you require. We implement a consulted systematic approach that allows two way communication between us and you the customer We have a strategic policy in place to create opportunities that allow both parties to adjust and also to maintain the current procedures for constant improvements in processes within our quality management systems, training, management of risk and any other key processes required.

The History of PK Fire

At the core of PK Fire is the Founder and Managing Director, Phil Kellett. Phil has always had a passion for delivering excellence in everything he has done, and a drive to implement and maintain systems for the safety of others.

Phil worked within the fire and security industry for over 20 years moving from a multi-disciplined engineer, specialising in fire safety engineering then through management up to directorship plus presently being a committee member of the British Standards for Fire Safety.

It was a natural progression for him to spearhead a company he could be proud of, which would adhere to his beliefs in safety and protection along with building a strong team of like-minded people who shared his ethos.

Through this experience of working with larger multi national corporations, Phil understands the importance of selecting the correct team and looking after them once employed, so the recruitment process is very thorough and only the best make it through our vigorous training and vetting procedures meaning you can be rest assured you are receiving the best support and advice available in our sectors.

PK Fire now has a diverse team that can provide around-the-clock solutions to your fire and security requirements.